Tuesday, 9 December 2008

DRT- Dreamweaver

Making a website

Dreamweaver was the final thing our module had to offer us in the form of workshops. I've quite enjoyed them to be quite honest. I've not really found anything really hard, its just all very time consuming. Hopefully in the next few modules i'll be able to apply my CAD skills and use things like flash and dreamweaver.

Dreamweaver is fairly straight forward, we only touched on the surface, basic website designing, and i managed to get quite a good grasp of it.

I'm going to design a simple website for my own practices for the module portfolio. I found websites like www.sixsevenphotographic.com are very effective.

My favourite websites are ones like: www.cathkidston.co.uk



and the queen of all : www.chanel.co.uk

Critical Studies - Essay preparation

Monday 8th Decmber
Critical studies has been pushed a little bit under the rug recentlybut the proposal is due in tomorrow so have spent all today researching my topic.
I have decided to write an essay addressing:
-If our environment influences the way we think?
-How past theorists have taken a psychoanalytic view on art
-Freud's theory of the ego and the id
-Why people will interpret different meanings from similar things
-Why maybe art is sometimes a form of repression

My essay title is :

"How does the way we perceive a work of art stem from our unconscious psyche?"

So far i've began to read "Leonardo: a memory of chldhood" by Freud and also "Art and psychoanalysis" by Peter Fuller.
Its actually quite interesting what some of them have to say about paintings and sculptures.
Moses and the Michelangelo has had so much debate all over its expression and the way the body has been sculpted. its pretty crazy.
I've also been reading into why the mona lisa smiles.
It all makes sense to me somehow, and i don't feel like writing the essay will be a chore. Which is a verrrrrrrrrrrrrrry good thing.

Digital Realisation Techniques - FLASH!

Had our lesson in flash about 2 weeks ago but haven't had time to blog about it yet.
Previous to this lesson, my housemate had learnt flash for her course and had told me it was really really hard so i went into the lesson a bit scared.
However, by taking step by step notes i managed to understand it quite well, and ended up having a bit of fun with it.
After the lesson i researched some interesting flash designs and i came across this one...


I would like to do something with colour shooting up in my short animation practice.
Will ask bruce how i would do this...

Application of Design -OVER!

Its finally over.... We did our group presentation yesterday and handed in our work.
For my paperwork i wish i'd done a few more ideas sheets and spent a little longer making the development a bit more up to scratch but i was very happy withthe outcome of my illustrations which were redone like 8 times!
Our presentation ran quite smoothly and i think we pulled it together really well at the end as a group. I completely was stressing out on the weekend, as i still hadnt had everyones full set of work to add onto the powerpoint and i wasn't sure how much time i'd be able to spare for the presentation when i still had all my own paperwork to do. But it was finally sorted and our meeting on sunday night in bourbon was very much needed.
My final range plan looks something like this...

Its a bit basic but the idea is for the range to be layered up and you can't really do that with a huge mix of quirky patterned items.

Here's my favoruite illustration, although this was changed for a different background and made to look better for the hand in.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

DRT - Digital realisation techniques - Photography 101

Me, Cat & Cecely - Our best bits. The darker ones of Cat were all taken by yours truly. 

After a fairly successful go at flash last week, i felt a  little bit invincible. This weeks photography session was held in the studio and it was really useful to learn all about the different features on an SLR. The quick tutorial in lighting was also really helpful, hopefully i should be able to come down in the future and make use of the facilities.

PPD - C.V's and work placements

So my finished c.v was emailed on tuesday 18th, and so far have received 1 reply.
A lady at vivienne westwood wants me to go for an interview for an internship in the showroom for the 2010 pre collection. cannot believe it. what am i going to wear???!
I'm so nervous, i think they're looking for someone a little bit more polished than me.

Application of Design - 24/11/08

Pulled an all nighter to get up to date with all my work. 
Was completely worth it.
Finished all my outfits, just need to finish flat pattern drawings for each particular item.
Am pretty much on target at the moment i think

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Application of Design - 10/11/08

Range Planning
As soon as we got in today, we were told we were doing a timed task in which we had to produce a first draft of our range plans in colour on A3 by 11am.
Being not ready for this stage yet i panicked a little, but in the 2 
hours i managed to succesfully come up with mine. I didn't have time to add colour an fabrics so it was in black an white but the feedback i got was quite positive. 
On looking at everyone elses ranges i could see that a lot of people in our class had stepped up their game an were producing AMAZING drawings and designs.
In my private action plan i have decided to work on my range more, experimenting with the colours etc.
At the end of the lesson i asked Caroline for her feedba
ck and she told me to maybe not play it so safe with h&m and add in a real "fashion piece" to my collection, also play around with seams and pocket details more on the basic things like jeans and track pants.

1st Draft of Range Plan - Am definetly going to change 1 or 2 pieces.

Digital Realisation Techniques - 07/11/08

Learning how to draw with illustrator was much harder than i thought it would be. We spent the morning playing around with the ipod adverts and tracing with the pen tool. This was time-consuming but the more we practiced the better i found my self getting.
In the afternoon, we drew a shirt from scratch as in a flat pattern drawing way. By only drawing half the shirt, when we finished we simply copy, pasted and reflected it to come up with a perfectly symmetrical shirt.
Here's my first attempt.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Digital Realisation Techniques

First lesson was on Friday and this module already looks gooooood!
I can't wait to start messing around on Flash and Illustrator.
On Friday we were taught how to use iMovie and how to edit video's as well as how to hook up a video camera and how to film.
 I found the Chanel carousel catwalk show and imported it to imovie and then spent time editing it around and making it my own most the lesson.
Hopefully i will be able to apply this to other modules.
I'm thinking that when its time to start making our presentation for Application of Design the things i have been taught in this module will come in very useful.
I'm so glad i chose pathway A

Enterprise & Innovation

So far, we've had various lectures discussing what makes a successful business, how to run it, advertise and everything else.
If i'm being honest Enterprise really isn't my thing and at the moment i feel this information is useful but could be given to us in our final year when we may be thinking about starting or running a business.
At the moment i'm taking all the notes down and listening to everything bridget tells me but i don't see how i can apply it for a while. The brief talk about giving a presentation about what we have learnt in regards to starting a business but i'm finding it quite muddled, and after speaking to other members of my class, i've realised i'm not the only one. 
I hope Bridget runs through the brief soon, before we're just expected to just do it.

Critical Studies so far...

In critical studies so far we've been attending lectures on various subjects and then having meetings to discuss the topics.
So far we've talked about; Marxism, Freud & Psychoanalysis, and the Gaze and their effect on Art disciplines.

Of these lectures so far i think i have already started deciding to write my essay on Freud and Psychoanalysis, this is the lecture i have found most interesting and i think when relating it back to art i have more to talk about. I have previously taken A Level psychology so feel i can use my previous knowledge in helping to get the best out of this topic.
The rest of the subjects covered so far such as Marxism, i found a little bit dull, so when faced with writing an essay i don't think i would be able to put much enthusiasm in.

My next step is to go to the library and take out some books to start reading up for my essay.
However i am going to keep an open mind, as there are still a lot of topics yet to be covered and i may change my mind if i find something more interesting.

The start of a second year - Application of Design

First module we were given was Application of Design, and after working on preparing for this during summer, i felt i was ready to begin the year well.
We were assigned groups and given our market level that we'd chosen.
My market level was lower mass market and the brand; H&M

Lesson 1 : 29/09/08: Creating Moodboards : Working in a group i found this difficult, because i felt like some of the suggestions made the board look unprofessional and messy and so i had to tactfully ask if everyone thought we should do something after every suggestion in order for people to voice their opinions truefully and to get the best out of all of us and to get the best moodboard we could achieve. By the end of the lesson we'd discussed our brand thoroughly and from our images created a moodboard between us that we we were happy with, we agreed to come back the next lesson with more research sheets relating to our moodboard.

Lesson 2: 06/10/08: Assigning Ranges: Using our strengths and weaknesses, my group discussed the possibility of what ranges each of us would take on. We looked at our research and which member was appropriate for the different types. I eventually decided on Mens Urban & Sportswear. I saw this as a bit of a challenge as i'd never done menswear before and in my research i had a lot of sportswear type ideas coming through. I had to admit though, i was thinking that i might not have been able to get a lot out of it but i thought i'd give it a try.
The rest of my group decided on Women's Contemporary, Directional Women's Tailored, and Women's Urban & Sportswear. Together we would each start taking our research to the next level and looking at focusing it more for our chosen range.

Lesson 3: 13/10/08: Research Evaluation: Evaluating our research meant looking at what everyone in the group had done and trying to find our similarities and pull it together to come up with a running theme, this theme also had to be relevant to our moodboard. Our group found we had continued using the themes of futuristic and  brights, which is also one of the upcoming trends for the season we were designing for. Our next step was to continue looking at this research and bringing our ideas out of it further onto ideas sheets. At the moment we are working quite independently in order to get the most out of our ranges, i think when we start introducing range plans we will begin to work more as a team. We'd also decided on fabrics being used, and most of us now have a good grasp on what our ranges are going to use. My fabrics involve lightweight material for windbreakers and airtex, as well as simple favourites like jersey and cotton. My sampling to be done over reading week will help me to get the most out of my fabrics.

Lesson 5 : 03/11/08 : Design Development : I'm a little bit behind with my development at the moment, and am only about halfway through. In our group discussion we made an action plan and decided to arrange a group meeting for wednesday 5th, in order for everyone to catch up and be at the same level. On wednesday we're planning to look through our development and starts choosing key pieces for each of our ranges. This will be chosen by everyone in the group and hopefully we will all immediately spot our best pieces to use.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Creative Design Realisation

November 2007 - Flat Pattern Cutting & Toile making

Sketchbooks & Research sheets

Foundation Year

September 2006 - May 2007