Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Application of Design - 10/11/08

Range Planning
As soon as we got in today, we were told we were doing a timed task in which we had to produce a first draft of our range plans in colour on A3 by 11am.
Being not ready for this stage yet i panicked a little, but in the 2 
hours i managed to succesfully come up with mine. I didn't have time to add colour an fabrics so it was in black an white but the feedback i got was quite positive. 
On looking at everyone elses ranges i could see that a lot of people in our class had stepped up their game an were producing AMAZING drawings and designs.
In my private action plan i have decided to work on my range more, experimenting with the colours etc.
At the end of the lesson i asked Caroline for her feedba
ck and she told me to maybe not play it so safe with h&m and add in a real "fashion piece" to my collection, also play around with seams and pocket details more on the basic things like jeans and track pants.

1st Draft of Range Plan - Am definetly going to change 1 or 2 pieces.

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