Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Critical Studies so far...

In critical studies so far we've been attending lectures on various subjects and then having meetings to discuss the topics.
So far we've talked about; Marxism, Freud & Psychoanalysis, and the Gaze and their effect on Art disciplines.

Of these lectures so far i think i have already started deciding to write my essay on Freud and Psychoanalysis, this is the lecture i have found most interesting and i think when relating it back to art i have more to talk about. I have previously taken A Level psychology so feel i can use my previous knowledge in helping to get the best out of this topic.
The rest of the subjects covered so far such as Marxism, i found a little bit dull, so when faced with writing an essay i don't think i would be able to put much enthusiasm in.

My next step is to go to the library and take out some books to start reading up for my essay.
However i am going to keep an open mind, as there are still a lot of topics yet to be covered and i may change my mind if i find something more interesting.

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