Tuesday, 4 November 2008

The start of a second year - Application of Design

First module we were given was Application of Design, and after working on preparing for this during summer, i felt i was ready to begin the year well.
We were assigned groups and given our market level that we'd chosen.
My market level was lower mass market and the brand; H&M

Lesson 1 : 29/09/08: Creating Moodboards : Working in a group i found this difficult, because i felt like some of the suggestions made the board look unprofessional and messy and so i had to tactfully ask if everyone thought we should do something after every suggestion in order for people to voice their opinions truefully and to get the best out of all of us and to get the best moodboard we could achieve. By the end of the lesson we'd discussed our brand thoroughly and from our images created a moodboard between us that we we were happy with, we agreed to come back the next lesson with more research sheets relating to our moodboard.

Lesson 2: 06/10/08: Assigning Ranges: Using our strengths and weaknesses, my group discussed the possibility of what ranges each of us would take on. We looked at our research and which member was appropriate for the different types. I eventually decided on Mens Urban & Sportswear. I saw this as a bit of a challenge as i'd never done menswear before and in my research i had a lot of sportswear type ideas coming through. I had to admit though, i was thinking that i might not have been able to get a lot out of it but i thought i'd give it a try.
The rest of my group decided on Women's Contemporary, Directional Women's Tailored, and Women's Urban & Sportswear. Together we would each start taking our research to the next level and looking at focusing it more for our chosen range.

Lesson 3: 13/10/08: Research Evaluation: Evaluating our research meant looking at what everyone in the group had done and trying to find our similarities and pull it together to come up with a running theme, this theme also had to be relevant to our moodboard. Our group found we had continued using the themes of futuristic and  brights, which is also one of the upcoming trends for the season we were designing for. Our next step was to continue looking at this research and bringing our ideas out of it further onto ideas sheets. At the moment we are working quite independently in order to get the most out of our ranges, i think when we start introducing range plans we will begin to work more as a team. We'd also decided on fabrics being used, and most of us now have a good grasp on what our ranges are going to use. My fabrics involve lightweight material for windbreakers and airtex, as well as simple favourites like jersey and cotton. My sampling to be done over reading week will help me to get the most out of my fabrics.

Lesson 5 : 03/11/08 : Design Development : I'm a little bit behind with my development at the moment, and am only about halfway through. In our group discussion we made an action plan and decided to arrange a group meeting for wednesday 5th, in order for everyone to catch up and be at the same level. On wednesday we're planning to look through our development and starts choosing key pieces for each of our ranges. This will be chosen by everyone in the group and hopefully we will all immediately spot our best pieces to use.

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