Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Application of Design -OVER!

Its finally over.... We did our group presentation yesterday and handed in our work.
For my paperwork i wish i'd done a few more ideas sheets and spent a little longer making the development a bit more up to scratch but i was very happy withthe outcome of my illustrations which were redone like 8 times!
Our presentation ran quite smoothly and i think we pulled it together really well at the end as a group. I completely was stressing out on the weekend, as i still hadnt had everyones full set of work to add onto the powerpoint and i wasn't sure how much time i'd be able to spare for the presentation when i still had all my own paperwork to do. But it was finally sorted and our meeting on sunday night in bourbon was very much needed.
My final range plan looks something like this...

Its a bit basic but the idea is for the range to be layered up and you can't really do that with a huge mix of quirky patterned items.

Here's my favoruite illustration, although this was changed for a different background and made to look better for the hand in.

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