Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Bit late but evaluation of Business presentation

So our presentation was put together by Bec whilst me and Cat focused on our DRT brief. However the night before, we all went to Bec's house and added more info and sorted out who was saying what. We had to practice serveral times to get it to stay under the time but we managed to cut things down so it all would fit. I'd been doing some pictures, animations and the website for our business as my DRT so we had to put all those in and comment on them.
On the actual day we were very nervous, and Bridge actually failed someone before ours so we got even more worried. When it came to it, we were actually ok. I held up the dress i made and just smiled whilst i spoke. 
After the presentation, Bridge gave us feedback saying that it was an absolute delight and we'd obviously researched well. She said we had a lot of passion for the business and it showed.
Hopefully this means we'll get a high mark!

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