Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Vivienne Westwood interview! 12th JAN

Had my interview for the vivienne westwood showroom placement at 2pm. SO scared.
The night before i was practising what i'd say about why i love fashion, why do i like the brand? strengths etc.
Went to the shop on conduit street and one of the girls got the lady.
She then took me upstairs and showed me around the new showrooms and sat me down and told me about what the placement entailed.
She thensaid i'd got it.
I WAS SOOO HAPPY but wasn't sure if i'd misheard her or she was talking about someone else so it wasn't until i was on the way out, i asked if i'd got it and she said i had and laughed.
She also sent me a conformation email below which actually says

Hi Rhiannon
It was nice to meet you today.
I am very happy to offer you the position of intern for the Anglomania Precollection SS10 which will be showing here at the London Showroom from late April to mid May 2009. I will confirm the exact dates to you when I have them.
We look forward to seeing you then.
Best regards
Sannaaaa sahhhhhhh!!! Very excited. Dream come true.

44 Conduit Street ^^

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