Thursday, 12 February 2009

Fashion Concepts and New media 12th Feb

Line-up finished! finally!
Now need to start promoting.
I found that when printing out my lineup the colours varied so much, i ended up printing it out 4 times before i got the colours how i would like them.
In future i should change my colour selection in the beginning to the same ones set on the printer.

Here is my logo illustration aswell.
I really like this one.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Fashion Concepts & New Media - 2nd Feb

This is probably my favourite brief so far...
Since briefing date i researched phantasmagoric and my own version of the word included dreamy sort of freaky forest type settings with illusions and ghostly images. The nature aspect featured quite strongly and i decided to take some of my own pictures.
Here i recreated a jewellery photoshoot from Dazed & confused.

After taking these pictures which i'm really happy with by the way, i experimented with drawing onto them, sewing onto them, drawing from them, using a variety of different materials.
The results are starting to develop loads and i'm beginning to apply them onto figures and start designing outfits. My final line-up should be finished any day.
I also think that some of the illustration could be used in the promotional side and maybe within the logo?
Something with illustration on the invitations could be cool aswell.. i shall have to go back to the drawing board....

Innovative Cut - 2nd February

Because i'm all fluey i haven't written here for a while :(
But basically, innovative  cut is going fairly well. I began by researching my words from an issue of dazed and confused which actually had so many pictures i just ended up using them all and experimenting with them. 
It was a picture of Hussein Chalayan's new designs that inspired me to start working with non fabric materials such as rubber.

The picture in the top right is the rubber dress that made me start to think about how i could recreate this.  Moulding some sort of shapes out of plastic was an idea i preliminary had but then decided to think about using liquid latex. 
The mould i decided to use is an ice cube tray because i think the cubes could be a very interesting 3d concept to add as a collar or sleeve detail. The idea is that this latex would be attached to fabric so i will have to continue experimenting with fabric folds to make impacts elsewhere on the garment. Although i am using an ice cube tray, i also have various other objects such as a lemon squeezer and art palette to make different shapes.
Pictures to follow.

When thinking about the fabric cut of my garment i experimented on a half scale mannequin, ideas that could be used are shown in these pictures, however i think i need to redo it again because my research probably isn't ready for experimenting yet.