Monday, 2 February 2009

Fashion Concepts & New Media - 2nd Feb

This is probably my favourite brief so far...
Since briefing date i researched phantasmagoric and my own version of the word included dreamy sort of freaky forest type settings with illusions and ghostly images. The nature aspect featured quite strongly and i decided to take some of my own pictures.
Here i recreated a jewellery photoshoot from Dazed & confused.

After taking these pictures which i'm really happy with by the way, i experimented with drawing onto them, sewing onto them, drawing from them, using a variety of different materials.
The results are starting to develop loads and i'm beginning to apply them onto figures and start designing outfits. My final line-up should be finished any day.
I also think that some of the illustration could be used in the promotional side and maybe within the logo?
Something with illustration on the invitations could be cool aswell.. i shall have to go back to the drawing board....

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