Monday, 16 March 2009

Research Practices - New Briefing!

Monday 16th March

Research practices has now had 2 lessons, it involves us using our critical studies essays and research to design a collection that involves political messages that relate.
For my essay i talked about the way our eyes perceive the world around us, including art. I spoke about how the way we see things usually stem from our unconscious.
For the beginning of my research i started looking at the "abject" and what people don't like to see in our society. I started looking at the work of Paul McCarthy, Melanie Fullen and Shigeo Fukuda.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

My final Video for Fashion Concepts

First time i've ever made anything on iMovie. The idea was that the video is supposed to be your pitch for a spot at London Fashion Week, showing all your target market and concept and marketing ideas.
Its a bit rough, but the best i could do for a first timer.
Make sure you have your volume on too

Oh and crack out the popcorn, its 5 minutes long...

Ohhh rubbish, some of my borrowed youtube clips are all pixelated in it. i apologise...

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Elective- Visualisation & Illustration

This elective was NOTHING like i'd thought it would be.

The first day we had to take a cartoon character from popular culture and redraw them in every different way you could possibly think of. I picked Totoro from the studio Ghibli film "My Neighbour Totoro". I found this task quite easy and managed to produce lots of work for the day.

Day 2 involved us taking a magazine and highlighting or cutting something out in order to show something. ie. in a beauty magazine cutting out all the noses to represent plastic surgery rhinoplastys. I decided to pick up on the BIG vs Skinny debate and i began by taking a magazine and every advert for a brand, i cut out the model as a very heavily overweight silhouette, i then took the cut out and turned the cutout into a scarily stick thin person, i would then stick the thin person inside the fat silhouette. I continued doing this all day so by the end i had a small collection.

Day 3 & 4 - These days were 2 day tasks in which we had to take a film and recreate scenes from that film however which way we wanted to.
I chose the film Breakfast at Tiffanys, and chose 9 scenes in which Hepburn has a memorable outfit on. I then made miniature replicas of these outfits in 2D and photographed them against the original scenes.


Fashion Concepts and New Media - 4th March

Have been so busy busy busy, haven't had time to update blog so now i've handed in everything, i've managed to make time to put all my work up.
The fashion concepts module was apparently a brand new module for fashion and we were the first year group to try it.

Personally i found the module really interesting and i really enjoyed most of it, however i just wish we were given more time, i felt it was quite rushed and i ended up giving up a lot of my spare time to finish all the work. I hope this is reflected in my mark.
I learnt a lot from illustrator again when using it to construct my venue, and also i dabbled in flash animation for one of my marketing campaigns. 
I decided to hire an SLR camera from photography as well so that i could take better pictures of my concepts which could then be adapted for logo's and animations.
Here is all my work from this module.

Venue Design

Invitation Design

Marketing Idea

Marketing Idea number 2 - Animation of Lasertag, made with Flash

My water animation, made using stop motion

My Catwalk animation made using stop motion animation