Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Fashion Concepts and New Media - 4th March

Have been so busy busy busy, haven't had time to update blog so now i've handed in everything, i've managed to make time to put all my work up.
The fashion concepts module was apparently a brand new module for fashion and we were the first year group to try it.

Personally i found the module really interesting and i really enjoyed most of it, however i just wish we were given more time, i felt it was quite rushed and i ended up giving up a lot of my spare time to finish all the work. I hope this is reflected in my mark.
I learnt a lot from illustrator again when using it to construct my venue, and also i dabbled in flash animation for one of my marketing campaigns. 
I decided to hire an SLR camera from photography as well so that i could take better pictures of my concepts which could then be adapted for logo's and animations.
Here is all my work from this module.

Venue Design

Invitation Design

Marketing Idea

Marketing Idea number 2 - Animation of Lasertag, made with Flash

My water animation, made using stop motion

My Catwalk animation made using stop motion animation

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