Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Diary of an Intern Day 1 - 27th April

First day at Vivienne Westwood.

When arriving i was first introduced to a fellow intern called Nick who would be working alongside me. Nick was studying menswear and tailoring at LCF and we probably spent the first hour chatting about the pains of fashion and how much work we had whilst unpacking some boxes. I was glad i had someone else with me, it took the strain off a bit.
Esther then took us on a tour of the showrooms and introduced us to last seasons collection and all the selling books that accompanied it. The selling books are little books of flat pattern drawings of the garments along with style and order numbers. Esther said if we ever got stuck and couldn't find something, always refer to the selling book.

Our next task of the day was to check in some samples that had been sent out to matches for a press photoshoot. This involved us running down a booking out form that had been previously filled out and checking each sample that had been booked out, had been returned.

After Lunch, me and Nick had the job of marking on a huge map of the uk, all the stockist of vivienne westwood. We had to colour code the collections with the whereabouts of the shop.
This took us right up until 6 when we were allowed home.

Fashion is tiring.

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