Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Innovative Cut - What a Disaster

Coming near to the end of innovative cut, i think i managed to spend about 10 whole days 9-6 in uni in order to make up for the time i missed.
Finalising an idea, i began to first realise the design in paper and then in calico to make a successful toile.
When i was making the toile, i decided to make it as perfect as i could with linings and everything else, however when drawing up a pattern and then translating it to calico, i often found that things would not match or fit.
The final calico toile was made up and because i had done it as perfectly as i could, all i hoped i had to do was copy it using the patterns i had previously made, into the black fabric i had chosen.
The whole process took a lot longer than i thought it would and my final prototype was quite rushed and because of this i dont think i finished it as well as i could.
When it came to inserting the invisible zip, i managed to sew it in ok and make it look neat, however i thought it would be neater to overlock the edges of the zip on the inside, but instead the overlocker, actually got caught in the teeth of my zip so i had to unpick the whole thing. This left me with a scraggly edge and bits of cotton in the teeth that made the zip hard to fasten. When trying to make the zip go easier, i actually messed around with it too many times and the actual zip intself managed to unravel and start to leave a big hole.
Now not only did my zip not zip up, i also had a scraggly edge and hole.
In light of the situation, all i could do was try and tidy up a bit, as i had no time to replace the zip.
I ended up handing the prototype garment in, in a condition i dont think was very good or professional and i dont expect to do very well. In addition to this, because i had spent so much time trying to sort out my zip, the finishing of my sketchbook was not completexd and so i also had to hand that in too, in a way in which i was not happy with.
This project has taught me that i need to plan my time MUCH better. I should always leave time to spare in case something goes wrong.
I am very disappointed, and i think this mark will bring down my overall grading.
(Pictures of toile and prototype to follow)

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