Friday, 8 May 2009

Diary of an Intern - 1st Weekend in LONDON!

Action planned weekend.
On the Friday me and Bec went to a bar in Camden called the Lock Tavern. It was really nice, Esser was playing upstairs and later on he came down to hang out with the "normal people". It was RAD.
Then on the saturday i met my long lost lovely old friend Katie and we went for lunch in Camden Lock (bad food!) and then i showed her my little house and then we walked along the canal for a long time. We went past the zoo and saw little baby water hogs/boars. they were so so so cute. We then walked to Regent's Park and sat in the sun for the rest of the afternoon.
10pm: I met my friend from home Amylee, and we went to the Old blue with her friend Anna. Anna's boyfriend was djing there so we pretty much spent the entire time dancing next to the dj booth, with amylee and anna requesting a lot of Classics.
The next morning i felt quite quite rough.
But Amylee called, and i went to meet her and Anna and we spent all of sunday afternoon trawling along Brick Lane and through Spitalfields Market. Best place everrrr. I picked up 2 vintage handbags, a jumper, a vest , vintage white heels and some pretty fab bedsheets.
We then proceeded to Wagamamas for dinner (seafood ramen for me) and then back to Camden where we spent most the night in the BARFLY.
Needless to say monday was a complete write-off.
I dragged myself out long enough to head to Camden cinema and see 'LAT DEN RATTE KOMMA In': or LET THE RIGHT ONE IN'. This film was pretty much amazing, plus the title comes from a Morrissey song, so it can do no wrong in my eyes.
However, £9 for 1 cinema ticket????? i only went to an odeon...

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