Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Diary of an Intern - Day 11: Tuesday 12th May

WHAT A DAY! so so so so tired.

It began with me heading to work for the much earlier time of 9am. On arrival, i found that i couldn't get in. I buzzed all the intercoms but it seemed none of the other staff had arrived yet. Esther wasn't answering her phone and then both the models turned up.
I managed to spot a cleaner inside the shop and persuade him to let me in. I spent about 10 minutes trying to tell him that i did actually work here before him letting me inside.

Once in i had to run round and make sure all the stationary in the showroom was perfect and all the selling books and folders were all out ready for the first client: Selfridges.
The first appointment was nerve wracking and i felt like a spare part for the beginning, but the ladies helped me feel at ease and we soon started the show. My job was the help dress the models, so give them the clothes in the right order and take them and hang the ones just worn back up. Both models were amazingly beautiful but one of them kept being really rude to me. She was so annoying but i just had to keep her sweet.
After Selfridges, we had an appointment with Hervia, who are a big franchise that run Vivienne Westwood in other areas of the country.
Hervia consisted of one man called Oscar, who was very lovely. (thankyou darling)
The whole day was a very busy one all in all, and i was very tired by the time 6pm came.
I rushed to get home because Henry and his friend and also Cat were coming to stay tonight.
We ended up rowing up the canal for an hour and then going to our trusty old friend The Lock Tavern.

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