Thursday, 14 May 2009

Diary of an Intern - Day 12 - Wed 13th May

Busy busy busy
I arrived at the office early at 9.20am and started preparing the showroom for the next few clients. Turns out we have 3 today.
10am: My wardrobe (internet business)
12.30pm: Cruise (franchise)
4pm: Net - A - Porter (apparently the biggest seller of online clothes)
It all went very quick to be honest. Today was much better than yesterday in that i knew more of what i was doing so could help out better. The models knew the clothes better and could change a lot faster. all in all everything ran much smoother.
I felt i was also being acknowledged more in the room and was comfortable giving opinions. The girls from My Wardrobe asked for my name.
Tomorrow is a quiet one. I hope i get enough sleep tonight. think we're going out with Cat & Henry.

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