Friday, 8 May 2009

Diary of an Intern: Day 3 - 29th April

~Most of the morning today was spent binding together all the bibles with the binding machine. It actually takes so much longer than you think to punch all the holes, because you can only do like 15 pages at a time, and in a book of about 300 pages it goes on foreverrrrr. After this, Esther and all the heads of the lines went for a meeting and i was left to answer the phones. This was very very scary, as a lot of people that call the showroom dont even speak english, most of the time its Italian because we have all our products produced in Italy with a company called GFM.

I tried to find out some information about the company and came up with some crazy results.

DID YOU KNOW? .... that Vivienne herself only designs gold label, (the premier line) and that red label and anglomania are all completely designed by a team of designers, all taking influence from gold label but never actually having any direct contact with viv herself? Apparently she doesn't oversee any of it herself, although she does help a little with MAN because her husband is the chief designer for this line and she likes to give him input. This means that most of what you can buy in shops under the brand Vivienne Westwood (Red Label & Anglomania) have not actually been designed by, even overseen by vivienne westwood at all. CRAZY!

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