Friday, 8 May 2009

Diary of an Intern: Day 5 - 31st April

This morning i finished filing the potential clients in alphatbetical order. I did a little silent woop when i saw that a shop in Knutsford (my home) had made it onto the potential client list. Go Knutsford!
After filing i had to re-sort through the collection in the showroom downstairs and take out some pieces for Net-a-Porter. to do this i had to go through a list that Esther gave me and match the pictures and style numbers with the samples we had. I then folded them up and put them in a box and made a Booking out form for our file and for the box.
A booking out form is basically a list of all the samples that are being borrowed and when they are to be returned. We have to do this so that when samples are returned, if something is missing off the list, we know who is responsible. we had a pair of leggings go walkabout this week. I think it was Matches that had lost them. tut tut.
After lunch i sat in on a model casting for the precollection. The model is a brazilian girl, younger than me and taller and thinner. nothing like a model casting to make you feel terrible about yourself. haha. She had to try on 3 of the samples. she looked amazing in them,i have to say, and Esther decided to book her. This will be the model that i have to help dress and get ready when the precollection starts next week.

The more i hear about the precollection starting, the more excited i am getting.
Mini-catwalk shows? yes!

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