Friday, 8 May 2009

Diary of an Intern: Day 6 - Tuesday 5th May

Back to work...
Today's jobs involved me looking through the potential client list from Nuria & Charlotte and finding out if they had a website. If they did, i was to print it off.
After lunch i was paired up with the french girl Charlotte who is also an intern. she doesn't speak a lot of english , but as i speak a little french, we could hold a conversation okay. She tends to laugh a lot at everything i say. she is so lovely . she's from the south of france and is staying in Marylebone in a flat on her own.
[Oh also, nick emailed Esther on friday and said he could no longer be an intern. guess i won't be seeing him again]
Anyway, together me and Charlotte wrote hundreds of envelopes and inserted different labels lookbooks inside. Esther has given me some lookbooks to keep, which is amazing. I shall be able to use them in my presentation i think. We also had to frank everything ready for the mailman.
Note to Self : Learn Italian and more French (it seems all the clothing in vivienne westwood, and other brands, are manufactured in Italy, and a close relationship is kept between the two. Everybody here can speak foreign languages. Plan for summer maybe?)

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