Friday, 8 May 2009

Diary of an Intern: Day 7 - 6th May

Its drawing closer and closer to the selling of the pre-collection and all the showrooms have all been sorted. We're just waiting on the samples to arrive now.
Here are some pictures of the showroom that we will be selling the anglomania precollection in.

Today i finished mailing the lookbooks and also double checked a few orders for selfridges. i then began pricing the precollection. In the Selling books, the prices are in euro's and are the wholesale price for each item. My job was to divide the price by 1.1 (euro exchange rate) and then times the answer by 2.7 (RRP is always 2.7 times the wholesale price). So for example, something that was 98 euro's as a wholesale item, would be 241 euro's in the shop. Gives you an idea of how much profit margin is made.

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