Sunday, 24 January 2010

Playing dress up in a photography studio is fun..

Outfit 1 - Dress (Primark), Long top (H&M), Bag (eBay), Shoes (Primark), Flower Necklace (H&M)

Outfit 2 - Dress (Zara), Belt (Beyond Retro), Heart necklace (Urban Outfitters), Shoes (New Look)

Outfit 3 - Dress (Reko @ Topshop), Shoes (Beyond Retro)

Outfit 4- Coat (Urban Outfitters), Bag, Dress, Shoes as BEFORE

Outfit 5 - Flower necklace AS BEFORE, Dress (Topshop), Tights (H&M), Shoes AS BEFORE

Outfit 6 - Shirt (Topshop), Dress (Topshop), Boots (Clark's)

Outfit 7 - Top (H&M), Chain necklace (curtain tie from Poverty Aid), Bag (H&M), Skirt (ARK), Shoes (Leeds Market)

Outfit 8 - Bow Headband (H&M), Bralette (Urban Outfitters), Vogue top (Charity shop), Polka dot Skirt (Charity shop), Boots ( AS BEFORE)

Outfit 9 - Dress & Necklace (Urban Outfitters)

Outfit 10 - Dress (Blue Rinse), Belt (Beyond Retro), Shoes (AS BEFORE)

Outfit 11 - T-shirt (H&M), Bralette (AS BEFORE), Skirt (H&M)

Outfit 12 - Jumper (H&M), Chain Necklace ( AS BEFORE), Shorts (Primark)

Saturday, 23 January 2010

End of Extended Research Practices


I did RUBBISH.. But i am determined to improve it in the next module.